Tashkent (Uzbekistan) – Turkmenistan – Aktau (Kazakhstan)
Expedition is carried out on 4×4 off-road vehicles

Trip Bukhara – Mary.
On the way to Mary we will stop at Bairam-Ali and make a tour of Ancient Merv. By the number of historical monuments, Ancient Merv is the most significant archaeological and historical archaeological reserve in Turkmenistan. The ruins of Merv are in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spending the night in Mary: in the hotel Mary.Dinner at the restaurant in the city Mary.

At 07:00 departure to Gonur-Depe (Ancient Margush) (90 km, about 3 hours PF drive) – Margush was a thriving ancient kingdom in the Mary area. Using the material of the latest archaeological excavations, we can confidently say that this kingdom existed 5 thousand years ago! On the way, we shall stop for a lunchbox.
After the excursion – transfer to Ashgabat – cut off on the sand and we leave in the area of Tejen (about 3 hours). Further from Tejen to Ashgabat – 210 km and about 2.5 hours by asphalted road. Arrival to Ashgabat. Dinner in Ashgabat. Spending the night at the hotel: Ak Altyn 4*

We will spend the first half of our excursions in the capital of Turkmenistan and will have lunch at the wonderful national restaurant “Yurt”, where are prepared delicious national Turkmen dishes!

At 13.00 we will go to Darvaza (about 274 km). Arrival to the gas crater. Survey and photos at sunset. Darvaza is in the north in a straight line of the highway Ashgabat – Dashoguz.

This is the heart of the famous Karakum Desert! Just imagine: there is a desert around – and suddenly, amid the sand in the earth, a huge hole 60 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep, from which the flame bursts out! The fire comes out from under the earth and is divided into hundreds of burning flames, some of them reach 10-15 meters in height!

There are no fences or railing here, so you have to be extremely careful. We will once again have the opportunity to feel the extreme conditions of spending the night in the desert, but before that – a delicious barbecue dinner. Spending the night in tents near the crater

After breakfast in the countryside, prepared by the Turkmen driver and guide at the stake, we are Trip back to Ashgabat (about 274 km), and after lunch we will have time to visit Ancient Nisa, located 18 km west of Ashgabat – a unique historical monument – the ruins of the capital of ancient Parthian States known now as Nisa (III century BC – III century AD).

A large number of unique items of the past were found in the small territory of the ancient city, including 2700 tables of clay with inscriptions, the ruins of the ancient fortress of Mithridatkert (about 14 hectares), the remains of city quarters, churches, palaces, archive of economic documents, works of art and others.

Dinner at the restaurant, followed by a tour of the night Ashgabat. Spending the night at the hotel: Ak Altyn 4*

Trip Ashgabat – Nuhur (about 280 km), on the way – a visit to the underground lake “Kov-Ata” with warm hydrogen sulfide water. Cave “Kov-Ata” is the largest in the Kopetdag. At a depth of boom below the entrance to the cave lies a lake. Its water is saturated with hydrogen sulphide.

The length of the cave “Kov-Ata” – 250m (with a lake), depth – 6 m (from the main entrance). We will continue our journey: in 3 hours drive from Ashgabat, high in the mountains at the height of 1000-1100 m, in the west of the Kopetdag ridge, is an unusual region in its culture. The path to this “heavenly corner” is long and difficult – ups, downs, mountain serpentine. But all the road burdens are forgotten at the sight of this rare beauty, closed on four sides by high mountains!

Arrival to Nokhur. Sightseeing: Holy place of Kyz Bibi, Mighty Chinara, “horned” cemetery, etc. Dinner. The name of the city of Nohur is associated with the name Noah, whose ark after a forty-day voyage approached Mount Manoman; The words “noh” or “nuh” are translated as “blow”.

The wealth of the flora and fauna of Nokhur local old-timers explain by the fact that Noah’s son – Nuh has released in this place all the birds and animals and planted the seeds that were stored on the ark. Nohur is divided into Upper and Lower (the village of Old Nokhur), which houses an old cemetery with “horned” tombstones. A trip to this amazing land remains in your memory for a long time

Trip Nohoor – Balkanabat. Arrival to Balkanabat.
Dinner in the Balkanabat. Spending the night in the hotel “NEBITCHI”

Trip Balkanabat-Avaza (about 170 km). Arrival to Avaza and accommodation in Yacht Club Yelken. Lunch and dinner in Avaza. Avaza is a luxurious resort complex, stretching along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Moreover, Avaza is not just a resort, it is a tourist titan, which in the last 7 years has managed to become a modern tourist paradise with a huge number of hotels, sports complexes, swimming pools, tennis courts, water parks. The architects plan to completely complete the construction of the Avaza by 2020. And then this resort zone, as the Turkmen say, “will become one of the most popular beach resorts on the entire Eurasian continent”! Spending the night at the hotel: “YACHT-CLUB ELKEN” 5*

Breakfast in the hotel “Elken”. Gulf of Kara-Bogaz-Gol. Border crossing. The tract of Boszhir. “Kara-Bugaz” in Turkic languages means “black throat”: the water from the Caspian Sea continually gets into the bay and evaporates – because of this in winter and spring on its shores I crystallize a huge amount of mirabilite (a natural mineral of salt).

Due to this, the lead-gray bay is also called the “white gold sea”. After crossing the Turkmen-Kazakh border, the expedition will travel to the Bozhir natural boundary located on the Ustyurt Plateau.

The Ustyurt Plateau is a huge plateau with an area of more than 200 kilometers, stretching not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. It has been studied less than the flood plain of the Amazon or Antarctica. For many centuries, Ustyurt was a crossroads of civilizations, preserved the traces of Scythians, Mongols and more ancient peoples. On his desolate roads lay the path of great migrations. Since the real mastery of the plateau by man is just beginning, it can be considered a kind of historical reserve.

City :Ashgabat
Hotel 4* :«Ak-Altyn» 4*
City : Mary
Hotel 4*: «Mary» 4*
City : Balkanabat
Hotel 4*: «Nebitchi» 4*
City : Turkmenbashy
Hotel 4* :Yelken Yacht Club 5*

-Tour package (invitation, registration, trip voucher)
-Accommodation in the hotel (6 nights)
-Guide (7 days)
-Transport (7 days)
-Meals (full board) throughout the tour
-Entrance tickets – Margush, Nissa, Ancient Merv, Museums, Kov-Ata

Not included:
-Obtaining visa at the border or in embassies abroad
-Extra food, services, folklore concerts and shows
-Personal expenses, tipping
-Payment for using photo and video camera near the monuments


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